SINCE 1829




SINCE 1829

You born in a place, not by chance

We are orginated from GAVETTA, a farmhouse surrounded by woods and vineyards in Novello, a small village in the Piedmontese Langhe hills.

We are born here and we have decided to believe in this land as did our ancestors: we do not change anything but we just work, day after day, with patience and labour, trusting that these lands, considered poor in the past, and now Human World Heritage, could give us a lot.

How could we not be close to the village of Novello, how could we not feel the beauty of this place as part of us and not identify us with its vineyards, its rocks and in its view from the church to the castle and the Alps in the background.


and then the wine

We would like to be farmer, more than entrepreneur, wine grower more than wine maker. We are good keeper of a Langa piece.

The excellence of our wines is due to the land, the vines and the grapes.

We know our vines one by one as a shepherd knows his sheep; we know on which kind of soil the vines are growing, how old are they, their clone and how many bunches each vine could ripe.

…It still seems to me to smell the peaches leaves bitter fragrance that my uncle Piero boiled in a big pot at the end of the court, in order to sweeten the flavours of the wooden barrel used to ferment grapes.


Differentiating to preserve

We do not practise monoculture, because is not beautiful to see, is not beautiful to live with it and is not sustainable in a long period of time. Monoculture is not typical of the Langhe area. Each peace of land is suited for a specific cultivation and, for this reason, in our properties, at the end of a vineyard there are hazelnuts trees, and then a field and finally a wood. In between two rows there is an old pear-tree or a durmast oak.

…anta avaj en po’ ed su-si e en po’ ed lu-là
(is important to cultivate a bit of this and a bit of that)

Live Cascina Gavetta