SINCE 1829


the family

If I have to tell you our story I would start with: once upon a time but is still here, in the last corner of Novello, a farmhouse named….GAVETTA.

His name, according to a legend that was told us, is due to the day, into which, the general Napoleone stopped near the farmhouse and drunk some wine in a “gavetta” (mess-tin).

Certainly it already was a big farmhouse, in fact, in 1929 the property was formed by 24 piedmontese “giornate” (agricolture local unit of measurement), 14 of which of vineyards.

And it was at the  Cascina Gavetta, that, at the beginning of 1900, the brothers of the Cogno family married two sisters living in Panerole, a suburb of Novello.

…for us the agricolture is
a skill blessed by God

The lean years and the violent storms with hail, which hit Novello and the Langhe region in the fifties, did not dissuade Granfather Gioacchino, who continued to live in the area with his family of 9 children. The Gavetta farmhouse was, in spite of everything, their house, even if, in that period, the property was formed by few fields, really difficult to be cultivated and unprofitable.

The two sons of the family Cogno, Piero and Teresio worked at the history of the Gavetta property, and, as their father and uncle, married two sisters.. Teresa and Gemma, Cogno as well…coming from the nearest Corini suburb. For this reason, we seven children say that we are Cogno… four times.

For arriving where we are now we have used the sheer force, we have worked hardly and we have taken many steps. Bur our force was the support of our big family, a great family full of sacrifices and gratifications, conscious that in our precious activity, HABILITY, PATIENCE and HARDWORK are not sufficient for gaining good results at the end of the year: we know that is necessary the humility of a person who raises one’s eyes to welcome and thank.

… mai parde u senté

(never lose the way)